Aquaverde France is the French branch of Aquaverde. It is a French non-profit, public interest association based in Paris.
Your donations are tax deductible in France.
Individual donations as well as backing from companies and institutions are the principal sources of funding for projects in support of the forest peoples.

The funds raised help to not only regenerate the forest and sustain our planet, but they also allow the peoples of the Amazonian forest to survive true to their lifestyles and ancestral cultures. This support provides them with the opportunity to be self-sufficient while developing a fair trade with renewable resources such as trees (seeds, fruits, oils, crafts) from sustainable agro-forestry, all the while conserving the primary forest.

The Aquaverde France committee


Renowned French artist (lealebricomte.com) and teacher at the University of Paris 8. Passionate about politics, Lea represents the association in France as well as at the European Parliament.


Specializing in project development and international negotiations, Mathilde embraced a career in trade and industry in China before continuing in the mining sector in Mongolia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Guinea.

Her experiences with local communities in Africa and Asia created her awareness of her complicit role in the socio-ecological disaster, current geopolitical conflicts and the mapping of the distribution of wealth. In 2016, questionning her career options, she left for the Amazon where she forged unfaltering links with certain Native American tribes in Peru and Brazil. Since then, she has been involved in the protection of the environment and the defense of the rights of first nations alongside AQUAVERDE and teaches young audiences.






Born to a French mother and an Italian father, on the shores of the Mediterranean in the South of France, since 1985 Daniel Baschieri has been involved in some thirty feature films, in France and abroad, as executive producer, production manager and general manager. Passionate about literature and writing, he is also the author of several scripts and has published stories and poems. A tireless traveler, informed cinephile and occasional photographer, curious about all the arts and foreign cultures, he has made – the ways of the world – his mission in life, and the study of humanity his manifesto, par excellence.

Committee Member

The career path of Georges Joannais combines high tech, innovation, management and, as often as possible, human impact thanks to his personal and collective involvement. Georges contributes and supports projects promoting better social justice, requisite energy transition and change in the face of the climate emergency: Aquaverde fully meets these 3 criteria.

Committee Member

Philosopher, Honorary Professor at the University of Lausanne.

Director of the following collections: “Ecology en questions” with Alain Papaux, “Nouvelles terres” with Sophie Swaton and the website: lapenseeecologique.com, at Puf.

He is a member of: CFDD (Conseil national du développement durable), the Coppens Commission, the ¨Grenelle de l’Environnement¨, etc. ; he has served as scientific advisor to: ¨Ademe¨ (2004-2006), the ¨Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme¨ (1998 – 2018 ; Paris); the ¨Organe de prospective de l’Etat de Vaud¨ (2008 – 2017) and the ¨Fondation Zoein¨ (Geneva).

His areas of research include: ecological concerns, risks and precautionary principles, circular economy, ecological democracy and metaphysics.

He is an officer of the ¨Légion d’honneur¨ as well as the ¨Ordre national du mérite¨. He was awarded the ¨Promeneur solitaire¨ prize (2003) and the Veolia prize for the environment (2015).

Committee Member

Environmental-designer and industrial ecology consultant

Since the age of 25 and further to studies in history, philosophy and geopolitics, Hervé Naillon works on issues related to the ecology, applying a paradigm shift to his radical approach.  He believes in reducing material and energy growth while favouring the development of intangibles such as culture, education and health.

Committee Member

Former member of the Committee of the International Red Cross, Thomas has spent over fifteen years leading humanitarian missions in war-torn countries around the world.

Founder of the Aquaverde association, he has dedicated himself to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, and now, in Brazil they recognize him as their intercultural “Go-between”.

Currently based in Switzerland, he runs a small graphic design company and puts his artistic talents at the service of the forest (amazonautes.com).

Almir Narayamoga Surui
Chief of the Paiter Surui people
Dr. Almir Narayamoga Suruí was born in 1974, five years after the first white man visited the land of the Paiter Suruí indigenous people in the state of Rondonià, northwestern Brazil. He is the first member of his tribe to have studied at university. A political activist and environmentalist, he fought for the survival of his ancestral forest and saved his people from extinction by making them understand the value of their culture and their land. In 2008, Almir Surui received the Human Rights Prize in Geneva, and was ranked among the hundred most important personalities of Brazil. Today he is considered one of South America’s foremost indigenous activists. The victim of numerous death threats, in 2012 he benefited from the protection of two bodyguards from the special forces of the Brazilian Federal Police. “Narayamoga” means “He who unites” in the Surui language…
Benki Piyako
Chief of the Ashaninka people
Benki is one of the leading lights for the protection of the environment and indigenous cultures in Brazil.

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When you donate
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or more if you prefer, you become a supporting member of the Aquaverde association.

One tree (or more for every donation of €50.-) per year will be planted in your name as part of the PAMINE project and you will receive newsletters from the association updating you on the situation in the Amazon as well as the progress of our projects with the indigenous peoples.

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By making a one-time donation
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for an amount of your choice, you support one of our initiatives such as the Surui governance project or the university of indigenous knowledge, as well as the running of the association.


You do not need to register with PayPal. After entering the amount of your donation and if you are paying by credit card click on the “continue” button located next to the MasterCard and Visa logos on the PayPal page. You can modify the language from the drop-down menu located at the top right corner of the PayPal page.


We offer a variety of partnership options to companies.

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