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The pandemic of the new coronavirus affects everyone, but the indigenous peoples of the Amazon are among the most vulnerable today.

That’s why, with your help, we are going to distribute baskets containing basic foodstuffs to several villages of different peoples in the Brazilian Amazon! 

Association Aquaverde joins the emergency action of the Kanindé Ethno-Environmental Defense Association to provide emergency aid to several indigenous peoples in Brazil, in the states of Rondonia, Acre and Amazonas, including the Uru-eu-wau-wau, Juma, Paiter Suruí, Cinta Larga, Kwasar, Apurina,Kaxariri, Gaviao, Arara and Karitiana peoples.


With PayPal or directly by credit card 

One basket :

  • costs 40 €
  • feeds a family of 8 persons
  • during 2 weeks

500 €

feeds a village
of 100 persons
during two weeks

Note: You do not need to register on paypal, if you pay by credit card click on “continue” next to the MasterCard and Visa logo on the PayPal page, after entering the amount.
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The amounts collected in this campaign will be entirely converted into baskets, masks, gloves and disinfectant, which will be sanitized and handled with the necessary care, as well as for the cost of fuel for trips to indigenous lands. For security reasons, deliveries are made to places close to the villages, but never in the cities or in the middle of the communities. As far as possible, products are purchased in small towns where there are still no cases of the new coronavirus. In addition, all transport and logistics are provided by Kanindé and carried out by indigenous technicians who take all the necessary precautions.

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the situation of indigenous peoples, already very difficult, has worsened further. Many communities depend on the sale of their products (flour, Brazil nuts, coffee, handicrafts, etc.) and this trade has been greatly reduced or, in most cases, completely stopped.

In addition, many indigenous people who normally receive social support, such as the Bolsa Família or the Aposentadoria, no longer benefit from this aid because they can no longer travel to the city.

It should also be remembered that the immune system of the indigenous peoples is different from that of other populations because their bodies were not or are not accustomed to many diseases, especially lung diseases, which have already taken their toll in the first contacts with our civilisation. To make matters worse, in most cases, access to health care is very difficult for these forest peoples, who have historically been massacred or devastated by hitherto unknown diseases and are now threatened with genocide.

up to September 30, 2021

8262 CHF

Learning how to use the disinfectant solution

Acknowledgements of the Urueuwauwau people